with April Trettel

Walking Alongside You as You Navigate this Journey

I am so glad you are here

We are not meant to be on this earth alone. We are meant to meet, celebrate, and honor each other in community; we deserve to have space for ourselves to be seen and heard, just as we are. 

I have spent many years navigating my path through becoming a therapist, doula, photographer, and circle guide. Today, I am honored for the opportunity to hold space for you in whatever transition you are in. Whether that is through a circle gathering, a ceremony, or self expression photographs, I look forward to connecting. 

Upcoming Events

Being & Belonging One Day Retreat

Join us for this incredible one day retreat in Alhambra, CA at a gorgeous private residence. This nurturing day will include lunch, sound healing, somatic movement, women’s circles, cold exposure therapy, and permanent jewelry! We are gathering May 25th, 2024!

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New Moon Sound Bath

Save the date for May 7, 2024 for a new moon sound bath. We will come together in community to release with the new moon and immerse ourselves in the healing sounds of crystal singing bowls. 

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