Circle Gatherings + Retreats

A Place to Come Together

Women have gathered in circle since the beginning of time and we often feel the deficit of these gatherings today. 

When we gather, we can feel the magical flow of oxytocin that we do not get anywhere else. There is something in our souls calling us to see and be seen in circle with others. 

types of Circles

Women’s Circle

Motherhood Circle

Postpartum Circle

Honoring or Transition Circle

Closing or Release Circle 

How can we gather in circle together? 

Motherhood Circles

If you are a mother and are looking to find your people, come join us at Motherhood Rooted! We help to create a community of moms while supporting you through the experience of Matrescence.

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Grow & Gather REtreats

A wonderful way to connect to like-minded people is through an intimate Grow & Gather Retreat! Come immerse yourself in nurturing care and community. 


Village Birth Matrescence Circle

These monthly circle gatherings are designed to support you in your motherhood journey. Share laughs, tears, and discussion with some amazing humans. 


Create your own circle!

If you have an idea for a circle gathering you would like to host, let’s explore how we can bring your idea to life! 

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