What is a Doula?

The environment you labor and birth in is so important. It can influence helping you feel safe and comfortable. And when you feel safe and comfortable, it will be easier to relax and move that baby down.

Part of that environment includes who is in the room with you. A doula is a labor support person. Someone who provides emotional and physical support to you during labor, birth, and postpartum. This can look like holding your hand, giving you a massage, helping you breathe through a contraction, or pushing on your hips for counterpressure. 

What can help a woman labor better: love and support and connection. When she feels loved, the oxytocin can flow. When she feels supported, she can relax and let her body do what it needs to do. Connection shows her she is loved and supported. A doula’s presence in the birth space can compliment the emotional and physical support provided to you by your partner. 

“A doula cannot and does not take over your role as the birth partner because you know the birthing person better and love them and the baby as no one else does. But there are many times the person giving birth needs more than one helper in labor, and the partner needs reassurance, advice, and help, too”. – Penny Simkin, The Birth Partner

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I am a professionally trained and certified birth doula. Having a labor support person dedicated just to you can really make a difference. My philosophy is that you know yourself best. I am here to support you in your goals and your birth.

I would love to connect and talk about how I can provide doula support for you during your birth!