Why Hire a Birth Photographer?

It is an honor to be asked to be in someone’s birth space. This space is special, it is sacred. It is the space where your family will change; where you will change. 

It is important to me as a photographer to honor that space. I recognize the energy I bring into the room with me and I recognize the energy that is in the room I walk into. I promise to honor your birth space with the respect it deserves. 

Choosing to have a birth photographer means capturing the details of your unique birth story. It means documenting your story forever. The course of birth is often unknown before it happens, and can be not what we expect. Birth photography is a means  to process the experience of your birth, however it unfolds. Having a birth photographer means you will be left with a tangible representation to remember the course of your story for years to come. 

Your story is important, it deserves to be captured.