Dad's Reactions to the Birth of their Baby

The birth of a baby undoubtedly brings up many emotions for us. Watching videos of babies being born is often met with a tear from me, no matter how many I have watched before! And one of the scenes that almost always grabs at my heart is the look on a partners face when they see their baby for the first time. As a doula and birth photographer, I have seen a wide array of facial expressions, from overwhelmed joy to disbelief. 

Let us not discount the power of the person giving birth; women during childbirth are nothing less than phenomenal. Part of the heartfelt moment of birth is seeing a partner witness the power of the birthing woman. It is a moment where time both whirls by and stands still. It is a moment when both of their whole worlds change. It is a moment where a family meets their newest member in a rush of hormones and relief. 

To celebrate and honor the supportive partners out there, I have created a compilation of some memorable moments where dads are seeing their baby for the first time. No matter how someone looks during the moment of seeing their child for the first time, all reactions are wonderful.

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